Facebook Use Policy

Effective Date: March 2017
  1. Posting Policy for members:
  • Discounts:
    • Discounts should only be posted on our website under membership section.
      • Posting discounts for charity races are allowed on our open page
      • Club vs Ambassador
        • Club discounts take priority over ambassador discounts.
        • Ambassador discounts may be added to membership section only if Club discount is not provided or unless ambassador discount is greater.
        • Ambassador discounts from multiple members for the same event may be listed to promote equality. Name of ambassador providing discount must be also listed to identify member.
      • Competing events
        • Members may post special one-time events that conflict with regularly schedules SBRC events
        • Members may NOT post events that are repeating in nature that conflict with our regularly scheduled SBRC events
      • Photos
        • Posting of running photos, accomplishments, group photos are encouraged
      • Charity Races
        • Charity race postings are allowed
      • Training Partners
        • Members seeking training partners to run with may post and are encouraged
  1. Posting Policy for NON-Members:
  • Definition of a Non-Member
    • Someone who has joined our Facebook page, but who has not paid our annual membership fee or has failed to renew their annual membership fee.
  • Non-members should receive approval by the board prior to posting events.
  • Non-members may comment on member postings.
  1. All Facebook posts our subject Code of Ethics
  2. All Facebook posts may be removed at the determination of a Board Member.
  • Member must be notified of the reason for the removal of the post.