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Find Out What Runners Want for the Holidays

By April 26, 2018 No Comments

South Bay Runners Club conducted a survey to help clear any confusion when it comes to holiday shopping and gifts for the runner in your life. See below the top 5 things that are sure to delight the runner on your list this year.

Number 5

Extra umph can really pay off when you are a runner and cross train! This year, runners are wishing for some extra dollars and time when it comes to cross training. It’s not a secret that running is expensive and keeping up with race entries and running shoes throughout the year can really add up. Gift your runner with gym memberships, personal training, or group fitness classes this year to spice up their routine without breaking the bank!

Number 4 and 3

The next most sought after gift for runners came in at a tie. You would be a winner to any running friend or family member if you gave them new running gear and accessories. This includes technical activewear, hats, wearable technology… and the list goes on and on! Make it seasonal and gift them some cold weather specifics such as climawear, shoe lights and vests or hand warmers.

Number 2

Gift your runner a gift you know they will cherish! Coming in at second on our list is running shoes. Runners, especially long distance runners, go through running shoes very fast. Running shoes can be very costly and prices just add up throughout the year. By giving a pair of running shoes or a shoe store gift card to your running friend, you will feel good knowing they are going to put your present to good use kicking off their new year and new resolutions.

Number 1

Last but not least, to really impress the runner in your life, gift them the gift they dream of all year! Race entries are sometimes costly, sometimes hard to come by, but always necessary. Gifting the gift of a race entry will be the perfect holiday present. It shows your runner that you support them, have faith in them, and want them to continue to succeed. There are many different fun races around the holidays – Turkey Trots, Holiday Fun Runs, New Year’s Races… you can definitely stuff their stockings with an entry that is sure to excite them!

Gift one of these great ideas this year and you will make any runner in your life forever grateful!