Distance Training

We meet on Sunday mornings at Valley Park in Hermosa Beach at 7:30am. Our members tend to run at paces ranging from 8:30/mile to 11:00/mile. Walkers are welcome. We typically go 6.5 miles along the Strand, but we have members who run both longer and shorter distances depending on where they are at in their training cycle/goals. Feel free to suggest a different distance!

Track Night

South Bay Runners hosts a weekly Track Night at Mira Costa Track at Mira Costa High School on Peck Ave at 7:00pm on Tuesdays. This track night is designed to help you improve your speed. Three programs are offered:

  • INTERVAL GROUP: Targeted toward those training for Half & Full Marathons, with variable intensities to stress both your aerobic and anaerobic systems
  • REPETITION GROUP: Designed to engage and develop faster muscle fibers, to benefit ALL distances, but targeted towards 5k & 10k runners
  • TRACK LIGHT GROUP: Designed to engage and develop faster muscle fibers, for the shorter distances, while slowing on all the curves – Ideal for runners new to track running

Meet on the track in front of the grandstand. Please bring a warm jacket and water, as it becomes chilly post-workout.


South Bay Runners Club hosts a weekly run on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm at the Skechers store in Manhattan Beach.  Continuing in the tradition of the weekly run that was hosted by iRunMB, 5K and 5 mile routes are offered, with the route varying each week.  Stick around after the run for water, snack, and a giveaway!


We have a strong presence on Facebook. Members often post to find friends to meet up with for non-club-sponsored runs/walks.